Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missio Dei

This is a post, mainly that i myself remember the calling of the Apostolic tradition of the church. The church should be focused on the mission that God has set forth for us. We don't "have" a mission, but rather the church IS a mission. The gatherings of the church, such as SUnday school and "church", is for the believers to be equipped through teaching and discipling. Once we leave the church we are to be sent forth into the world. The world is our mission field. Our neighbors are our mission, as are our enemies. Church should never be about what "I" can get out of it, but rather it is about being equipped to reach the community and help our fellow believers in the works of grace that are called our lives.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is important on this earth? Life? Living for Christ? Material things? Friends? Obviously some of these are more important than others but what is it all worth when we die. Death is not the end of is the beginning! Dying physically ot this world takes us into new, painless and tearless life in heaven eternally. Maybe there will be tears, but tears of joy in the glory of God and reunions with old friends and family. The point is that dying on this earth is painful to loved ones, but truly it should be a celebration. The temporary absence from the presence of loved ones until our death, pales in comparison to the eternity of joy and life in Christ in heaven. People wonder why good people die. They die for the same reason bad people die, it is a natural fact of life. When Adam and Eve broke covenant with God it allowed death to enter. This death is painful and tearful, but it is not something to fear. SHy fear something that is gonna happen? The joy of the person who loves christ and leaves this earth is far surpassing the joy of being on this earth. We cannot fathom this because we have not experienced heaven, But when we do it will be awesome. I hope that all who love me will not be saddened when i pass, but instead will be inspired to live life and reach others for Christ, the savior i would be enjoying the presence of when i i will do the same when my friends or family pass.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Social Gospel

It seems to me that the current under belly of Christianity is starting to shift to a social gospel. What i mean is that Christians, have started to emphasize the serving of others, sans the gospel message. What say you is the difference between a non-gospel presenting Christian and a blatant Atheist who serves others? Is there a difference? Should we help others just for the betterment of mankind? HElping others should be out of an outpouring of the gospel in our lives. This means that we should not just fill a man's belly, or give them the shirt off my back, but we should share the good news of Christ to theses people. The argument is that, "Christ helped others". I agree, whole heartedly. Christ also told other's about himself and the coming kingdom of God. HE did both. WE should do both. I do not advocate bible beating, i advocate a compassionate love of other's in which the gospel is shown through our words and actions. THere is no difference in helping others if we do not share with them WHY, we are helping them. I feel that the current though amongst young christians is very Socialist and at times Marxist. This caused many young people to vote for a Socialist president, because he wants to help the poor. (so he says) The president elect holds Socialist values and his church's Black Liberation Theology is also very socialist. The point is that our Christian society is starting to shift towards a focus upon values that may be biblical, but not complete. Sound Doctrine, prayer, reading of the scriptures, fellowship, evangelism and serving others are the tenets of the faith that i pledge to lean on. THe 6 foundations if you will. I refuse to sacrifice the gospel for this "social gospel" that is supposedly "just like ancient christianity." (except the part about casting the gospel aside) If they wish to be like Christ, (who came to save sinner's) then they must do BOTH. There is no compromise. You must be actively involved in evangelism and serving others. They go hand in hand. If one was to err, id rather them err on the side of sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is the ultimate act of helping others. WE are commanded to do this, if you cast that aside you might as well cast the whole Bible aside. Love God whole heartedly and you will love others whole heartedly...with service AND the gospel.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Reason and Faith?

Today in class we discussed the relationship that the two have. I have come to the conclusion that reason is important in the apologetical side of discussing faith, but i am not convinced that it is actually reasonable to have faith. Faith is not reasoned out, we do not "come to faith" through reasoning out the gospel in our minds. It is not possible to do this if you believe in the saving grace of Christ. We come to faith, not through any act of our own. (which includes reasoning, works, or choice) God pours out his grace upon us in an act of love. We do not deserve or earn our faith. We earn faith in others, but not God. God grants us faith and when his grace is revealed to us we cannot help but accept it. His grace, in my opinion is irresistible. How can one resist the power of God, especially when he pours out his saving grave upon us and reveals himself to us? It is not possible. This comes back to the original question. The question of faith and reason should be rephrased to is it rational to believe in God and that he exists. Faith is a gift and no reasoning is behind it. The reason i have faith is because God gave it too me, therefore i cannot reason myself into faith other than saying that it was given by God, out of grace, free from merit and not out of any effort of my own. I can reason how to advance my faith or how God gave me my faith, but in no means can i come to faith out of reasoning, for intellectual assent is not salvation. I can intellectually assent to the belief in powers and principalities, and know they are real, but that does not mean i have faith in them. Assenting to he belief in God is not saving faith. God's gracious gift is a saving faith from Him and through Him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Christianity, is not about the individuals salvation and their community, It is about a community of individuals who share a salvation with one another.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just came to a striking epiphany that will hopefully transform my life into one that is more worthy of the cause of Christ. As i read on the attributes of God and how he is Holy, not just perfect, but wholly Holy. Holiness wraps up all of who God is into one phrase, but at the same time he is so much more. All of God is summarized in the term "Holy". God is fully present in each of his attributes, indivisible from any one of them, with Holiness encompassing them all. This comes to my epiphany. I just thought to myself about how sometimes I look upon certain issues as not wrong, although i am not looking at it from the right angle. Surely some things are not wrong, or permissible by God, but that doesn't get to the point. It is not about what is right or wrong, it is about holiness. It is about being set apart from the things of this world, even if they are harmless or "not wrong". I think of many vices the world offers and know that they are not all bad, and even satisfying without taking it too far and reaching into sin. The point is to strive for holiness above worldliness. I hope this thought rings true in my ears for life. I want to be set apart, yet within the world. I want to be inside the world, but as someone who is in it to influence other's through being set apart. I never want to be come a Holier than though legalistic christian, i desire to be a Holy, loving, grace-filled, relevant individual who serves others for Christ

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Fear. A thought, an idea, a state of existence? In this life that we lead, it has become apparent to me that we are in a constant state of fear. I am not talking about the fear of spiders, snakes, vampires, or airplane crashes. Im not even talking about legitimate fears such as death. Instead i am talking about the fear of living life. What I mean is that we allow fears to hold us back from truly living. How is one to live if they are in a constant state of fear in some area of their life. Fear grabs ahold of our hearts and minds and holds us back from a life of abundance and freedom. As Christian's we must reject fear... all of them. The wrath of God is the only health fear one can have and truly live life. Common fears that hold me back from living a complete life is: the fear of rejection, the fear of God's will, and the fear of disappointing others.
If we hold back our passions, our hearts, in regards to ministering to others, what is the point of living. If we do not try to reach out to others hearts we are missing out on the gifts that God so longs to give us. I want to be in others lives actively and decisively in order that they and I may truly begin living in freedom from sin, that freedom that is found only in Christ. BY not fearing the rejection or failure of placing your heart into others, we miss out on blessings that could transform our lives into a bold faith that is afraid of nothing. This boldness is what is needed in the world today... passionate fearless faith that transforms lives and worships Christ without abandon. If we miss out on the will of God because we do not heed his calls, we are truly missing out on a special aspect of life. Many times i have rejected Gods call and begun to run the other way out of fear of how he could use me. The magnificence of being used by God should make one long for these moments. The problem comes in when we know we will have to give up parts of a lifestyle that we long to hold onto. The worst part is that we will be missing out on the most indescribable treasure one could ever receive. A treasure that holds more worth than anything this world has to offer. This treasure is the work of Christ that we can take part in if we decide to step out into His will and emptying our own will to be filed with Him alone. The problem arises when our selfish worldliness wants to hold on to sins or even things that are good, instead of allowing God to use us in His will. The ONLY way to be in God's will, is to reject our own will in order that God's will, will become our own. The fear of disappointing others could go along with the first fear, but i wanted to touch on it distinctly. If we fail, if we do not do what we think is expected of us, our lives will be nothing more than a life of slavery in which we are slaves to others indirectly. I have felt called to be a minister of God, yet i run from it constantly. Knowing that i could possible fail at anything keeps me in constant fear of doing something i am called to do. If i sit back and live in this fear, i will obviously fail. If you don't try, you have already failed to be who you are called to be. I must look past this fear of others disappointment and step forth into life with a boldness that says, "I may fail temporarily, but in the end i will succeed eternally" There is no need to worry about failing others b/c i am not perfect. I feel that sinning disproves my call, yet it proves it all the more. Because i sin, i am just like everyone that has lived on this earth, besides Christ. (who was perfect) Through Christ, my faith in Him has made me righteous, or perfect in God's eyes. This means that i am perfect in the future tense! Living with this in mind it becomes evident that i should not fear these things, particularly being who i am not by sinning. I am not the person who sins anymore, i am now a new creation who can live in freedom within God's will. This concept of freedom from fears can change people's lives and make them better. That is all i long for, is to change people's minds and provide the chance for them to see the glory of God through the life of Christ within me. Thats all i want. Do Not Fear.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Old Truck (rough)

This morning i notice an old truck. Sitting under a tree, covered in lush vegetation and corroding away into a heap of worthless metal. This truck looks like a photographers dream. What once was a great workhorse, is now nothing more than a rust bucket, wasting away into oblivion. It makes me want to buy it, work on it from the inside out. Reworking the engine and replacing the dirty, unusable parts with new, clean parts that make the heart of the truck rumble and roar with enthusiasm. Then replace the busted threads and cracked dashboard. Soon the truck would run like a young steed, but it is still not a completed work. It will take many hours of painstaking sanding off of the rust and old paint, preparing the truck for a fresh coat to radiate its former glory in the bright hues (preferably blue) of choice paint. After many hours, and much commitment, the workhorse will be a thing of beauty to gaze upon and enjoy. As Christians, Christ comes in like the master restorer who chooses the old derelict out of love and transforms it into a glorious piece of machinery. Although this this truck (us) did not deserve to be saved, out of love and grace the truck is saved. Almost like the ongoing sanctification of our lives, this truck is molded into a shiny masterpiece that is renewed,vibrant and "made right". The beauty of this thought, is that instead of taking numerous man hours and millions of sweat beads, this "task" happens in an instant. When we agree that Christ is Lord (i say agree b/c he is Lord, no matter what we believe as human beings) we instantly are swept up into his arms and created into a new being. The old is gone, the new has come. We are made right (righteous) in God's eyes. Just as the trucks engine is restored to its original form, our hearts are brought to the state of life that we are called to and were originally created for. From this point of restoration to a rightness with God, we begin to be sanctified (made holy). This process will be ongoing until we pass from this life and then become truly complete in Christ, in heaven. At this point we are completely restored, topped with the fresh new coat of shiny blue paint. THis thought is brief, and i could expound on it more, but i feel like this is enough for now. There are many parts of our relationship with Christ and salvation in itself that i did not include.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Me in Real Life

Im sitting here watching the movie, "Dan in real Life" and it couldnt be more similar to mine...It is an average film ,but the plot thus far seems like my relationships in a nutshell. (minus the 3 daughters part) Its rather funny and depressing at the same time...

Monday, July 28, 2008


Darkness is the separation from light. In the Bible, Christ mentions that we must be in the light, as he is in the light. A life of sin is in the Darkness of the world. Life can be confusing and as a christian you can lose your path and fall into the darkness. The difference is, that if you slide back into the darkness there is hope. The debate has been going on for years over the security of salvation. From personal experience i know that this not likely possible. As far as we run, as dark as we get, as much sin that we may perpetrate, if we have truly tasted and seen the glory of the Lord, the sweetness of his nectar of life that holds the grace and love that we long for, we will return to him. There is a difference in falling into the darkness and never have been in the light. I strongly feel that the glory of the Lord, once seen at conversion, is the beacon in the darkness that we must seek. As a struggling believer it is easy to reach into the word and partake in the pleasures of the world, but knowing in the back of my mind that Christ is so much better and is all i need to satisfy the longings i have. Reading Piper, he brings up some great points that have helped me tremendously and lay out what i have always known in a few paragraphs.
", having tasted the all-satisfying sweetness of the living Christ, will never forsake him in preference for the broken cisterns of the world. There may be temporary strayings and backslidings. There may be great soul-conflict. But once the soul has truly tasted the water of life and the bread of heaven, it will never finally forsake the Lord."

There are times, such as my current state, when we are deep in the darkness. The remedy is nothing more than Christ himself. The darkness we face post conversion is more like a blindfold that slowly creeps over our eyes and no permitting us to see. To remove it we must surrender to Christ and allow him to remove it. It is not an instant or easy process. As we all know when you are in the dark and the light comes on, it is painful and we must adjust. Same with our Christian walk. When the blindfold is removed, we dont want to see the light, we shield our eyes. But we know that to be in the light, we must adjust to the light. Christ does this through transforming our hearts and conforming our minds to His. As i said this could be a long and painful experience as many things must be purged from our system. The light sheds the veil and allows us to see our brokenness and the sin enveloping our midst. These things must be dealt with in order to restore a right relationship with God. Our will must be defeated, and His raised up. This process is dangerous, as we relinquish control, we must obey all that God says. Not out of obedience, but out of Love. Love is what should motivate us, actions come from love. I pray that this process goes as God will's for me, and for anyone that is at the same point in their journey. The last thing i leave you with is that God does not forsake those who truly love and know Him. Taste his glory, run to Him...he is waiting.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Idea idea of this blog

Musings on the way of Christ and the original sin that plagues humanity and continues to haunt followers of the way. A celebration of the freedom we have found in Christ that eradicates the guilt and destruction of sin, along with encouragements and heartfelt thoughts to get me and you through this life with Christ as the Center.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gospel of Individuals?

WHy is the Jesus of the Bible not followed correctly in the American Church? It seems to me, myself included, that we worship and serve a Christ who wants us to live good lives and abstain from "moral ills" such as alcohol, sex, tobacco, dancing and drugs....oh and dont date girls who do...ha....For real, our Americanized Christianity has become such a fabricated, individualized, self-help religion that we dont serve the same Christ is see in Scripture. Our society presses a glamorous religion of health and wealth in all churches (some more obvious than others) All you have to do is read your bible, pray and go to church...disgusting. These things are vitally important disciplines for the christian life, but we have so distorted the overall concepts of Christianity. (we includes myself) Part of this stems from the enlightenment era and the Cartesian principles of "I think therefore i am". This quote has formed us into a society of individualism and community has been forgotten until the recent Post-Modern movements have began to pop up. This individualized religion of "how can i better myself for Christ" would be a foreign concept to Christ Himself. Christ came to serve the needy and marginalized people of the earth. He did not come to the rich, although he surely welcomes them into his arms as well for we are all needy in some form or fashion. The part that offends me is that we need to be a community of servants who not only serve Christ, but also serve others out of love. By others i particularly mean the forgotten people. The Poor. I sit and write this, knowing that i will more than likely be working in an affluent suburban church one day, but i also am aware that i will emphasize the social justice to the needy, particularly the inner city children.i refuse to be a part of a church body that focuses within and pushes an individualized gospel that promotes self renewal, but not the renewal of society and the needy. The christian life is not about living a life that is "good" and "pure" or , dare i say, "Holy". Instead we must lose ourselves for the sake of the gospel that Christ preached. The FULL gospel was completed upon the cross and resurrection, but the rest of the gospel has been forgotten. the part of it where Christ came to save particular the poor.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Approval of Men

As i sit and read a reading for Seminary, i come to realize that i have been creating a false self that i put on when i interact with others. This false self is a man who seeks approval of all people through qualifying myself as a "popular man". I do this through the image of a fraternity man and try to be this person that i think i should be, not the person that i am. This has held me back in the realm of a spiritual relationship with Christ because i seek the approval of men by running to the frat boy image. Drinking Bourbon Whiskey and picking up the ladies, while being an arrogant Son of a Bitch. Sounds kinda like a country song, but it is instead the sad reality of the image that i feel that i must portray to others. I must realize that this man is a false creation of insecurity and i must run to Christ. For in HIm i receive all of the approval i will ever need. Running to this safe image of a shell of a man is the last thing i wish to do anymore. I must cry out to God to save me and help me put to death this superficial, approval seeking act that i put on. Until i do this, i will self sabotage the riches of Christ that i could know and reach others with. My self-worth should be found in Christ alone...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life of Loss or Life of Gain

A book i am reading has brought to my attention the lost art of dying of ones self for the advancement of the Gospel. I know what your thinking, "Getting stoned to death for Christ or being shot for my Faith isnt going to happen in the US." Yes, you may be correct, but there are ways to die to one's self that is not physical. All of my life i have lived for others, even when Christ is not the center. But when i live for others without Christ in the middle, i tend to live for their image of who they think i am or i tend to be a people pleaser. A promulgator of appeasement to others, if you will. Now to think that i can DIE to this part of me for the sake of the gospel is not a new concept, but it is one that must be revisited if i am to maintain Christ in the center. Without suffering my place in popularity, i will never be a true Christ follower. Christ calls us to die to ourselves and take up the cross. I think that this means we should die to the old man, die to the things that hold us back from intimacy with Christ. This may mean suffering in some kind of way, whether it is physical or socially. Maybe it means one must remove his self from worldly popularity and becoming as a pauper to the princes so to speak. Maybe we need to die to our own selfish ambitions and swallow our pride. This rings home for myself as a strong willed, independently defiant sinner. Too often i look to my needs first, too often i want to do what i want to do. This leads me to my current state of being. Due to my selfishness and lack of dying to myself, i am currently in a barren desert of spirituality, wandering for the crystal clear waters of the pure love found in Christ. Intimacy is what i long for, but i have forsaken my love for Christ for love of the world. If Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice to move me from darkness to light, from death to life, then why can't i simply deny myself sometime and sacrifice my needs for the needs of others. Ministry is about relationships...and relationships, true relationships, are firmly based upon sacrificial giving to one another and looking to the other's needs before that of my own. When will i realize that the Christian life is not about me, its about Christ. A life of gain in this world means nothing but success in this current world, but a life of loss for Christ is truly a life of gain as we should live for the hope of glory that is found in Christ at his return.When i do realize this, others will be first and i will truly be seeking what's best for others and sacrificing by doing whatever it takes to take the gospel to the lost and allow God's grace to do work!