Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Idea idea of this blog

Musings on the way of Christ and the original sin that plagues humanity and continues to haunt followers of the way. A celebration of the freedom we have found in Christ that eradicates the guilt and destruction of sin, along with encouragements and heartfelt thoughts to get me and you through this life with Christ as the Center.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gospel of Individuals?

WHy is the Jesus of the Bible not followed correctly in the American Church? It seems to me, myself included, that we worship and serve a Christ who wants us to live good lives and abstain from "moral ills" such as alcohol, sex, tobacco, dancing and drugs....oh and dont date girls who do...ha....For real, our Americanized Christianity has become such a fabricated, individualized, self-help religion that we dont serve the same Christ is see in Scripture. Our society presses a glamorous religion of health and wealth in all churches (some more obvious than others) All you have to do is read your bible, pray and go to church...disgusting. These things are vitally important disciplines for the christian life, but we have so distorted the overall concepts of Christianity. (we includes myself) Part of this stems from the enlightenment era and the Cartesian principles of "I think therefore i am". This quote has formed us into a society of individualism and community has been forgotten until the recent Post-Modern movements have began to pop up. This individualized religion of "how can i better myself for Christ" would be a foreign concept to Christ Himself. Christ came to serve the needy and marginalized people of the earth. He did not come to the rich, although he surely welcomes them into his arms as well for we are all needy in some form or fashion. The part that offends me is that we need to be a community of servants who not only serve Christ, but also serve others out of love. By others i particularly mean the forgotten people. The Poor. I sit and write this, knowing that i will more than likely be working in an affluent suburban church one day, but i also am aware that i will emphasize the social justice to the needy, particularly the inner city children.i refuse to be a part of a church body that focuses within and pushes an individualized gospel that promotes self renewal, but not the renewal of society and the needy. The christian life is not about living a life that is "good" and "pure" or , dare i say, "Holy". Instead we must lose ourselves for the sake of the gospel that Christ preached. The FULL gospel was completed upon the cross and resurrection, but the rest of the gospel has been forgotten. the part of it where Christ came to save particular the poor.