Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just came to a striking epiphany that will hopefully transform my life into one that is more worthy of the cause of Christ. As i read on the attributes of God and how he is Holy, not just perfect, but wholly Holy. Holiness wraps up all of who God is into one phrase, but at the same time he is so much more. All of God is summarized in the term "Holy". God is fully present in each of his attributes, indivisible from any one of them, with Holiness encompassing them all. This comes to my epiphany. I just thought to myself about how sometimes I look upon certain issues as not wrong, although i am not looking at it from the right angle. Surely some things are not wrong, or permissible by God, but that doesn't get to the point. It is not about what is right or wrong, it is about holiness. It is about being set apart from the things of this world, even if they are harmless or "not wrong". I think of many vices the world offers and know that they are not all bad, and even satisfying without taking it too far and reaching into sin. The point is to strive for holiness above worldliness. I hope this thought rings true in my ears for life. I want to be set apart, yet within the world. I want to be inside the world, but as someone who is in it to influence other's through being set apart. I never want to be come a Holier than though legalistic christian, i desire to be a Holy, loving, grace-filled, relevant individual who serves others for Christ

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