Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Back Where I Come From

As I sit and enjoy the crisp, fall breeze, i am reminded of being "back where i come from". THe phrase stems from a country song that i really enjoy, but nonetheless Kenny Chesney is not the point of this blog. Although he may be in the future. Sometimes I have learned that "back where I come from" may not always be the best place for me. God has placed in us a longing for home, but really is home? Is home where the heart is? Is home where you grew up? I have an intense longing for home, but unfortunately as i have trekked back to Kentucky, i have realized that home is where God is. My heart has missed God for awhile, i have neglected my relationship with HIm due to a few personal issues that i am/was angry with God about. I have ran from home, and ran towards places and things that fulfill my desires. My desires are not what i am called too, i am called to God's desires. I left Kentucky because i thought being back home would be magical and nostalgic. Rather than nostalgia, i have felt loneliness and a longing for community, the same community that i ran from back in KY. This moment, as i watch the illuminating orange sun set, has made me understand that their is no home, except where God is. We long for the kingdom of God not a location on earth that will make us happy. No matter where we are we must realize that God is where our home is. Our home is in eschaton, in heaven. Instead of wasting away and slowly dying on earth by searching for that perfect place to call home, we must realize that our home is to come. While we are in the waiting room of life we should not forget who we are. We should live for home, a home that is perfect and a home that we will be residents of in the not to far off future. So i challenge myself and all to quit "wasting away in ardent longingville" slowly dying, and instead live for our home by LIVING for Him. We are all busy dying when we should be passionately living for what means the most to us.