Monday, July 28, 2008


Darkness is the separation from light. In the Bible, Christ mentions that we must be in the light, as he is in the light. A life of sin is in the Darkness of the world. Life can be confusing and as a christian you can lose your path and fall into the darkness. The difference is, that if you slide back into the darkness there is hope. The debate has been going on for years over the security of salvation. From personal experience i know that this not likely possible. As far as we run, as dark as we get, as much sin that we may perpetrate, if we have truly tasted and seen the glory of the Lord, the sweetness of his nectar of life that holds the grace and love that we long for, we will return to him. There is a difference in falling into the darkness and never have been in the light. I strongly feel that the glory of the Lord, once seen at conversion, is the beacon in the darkness that we must seek. As a struggling believer it is easy to reach into the word and partake in the pleasures of the world, but knowing in the back of my mind that Christ is so much better and is all i need to satisfy the longings i have. Reading Piper, he brings up some great points that have helped me tremendously and lay out what i have always known in a few paragraphs.
", having tasted the all-satisfying sweetness of the living Christ, will never forsake him in preference for the broken cisterns of the world. There may be temporary strayings and backslidings. There may be great soul-conflict. But once the soul has truly tasted the water of life and the bread of heaven, it will never finally forsake the Lord."

There are times, such as my current state, when we are deep in the darkness. The remedy is nothing more than Christ himself. The darkness we face post conversion is more like a blindfold that slowly creeps over our eyes and no permitting us to see. To remove it we must surrender to Christ and allow him to remove it. It is not an instant or easy process. As we all know when you are in the dark and the light comes on, it is painful and we must adjust. Same with our Christian walk. When the blindfold is removed, we dont want to see the light, we shield our eyes. But we know that to be in the light, we must adjust to the light. Christ does this through transforming our hearts and conforming our minds to His. As i said this could be a long and painful experience as many things must be purged from our system. The light sheds the veil and allows us to see our brokenness and the sin enveloping our midst. These things must be dealt with in order to restore a right relationship with God. Our will must be defeated, and His raised up. This process is dangerous, as we relinquish control, we must obey all that God says. Not out of obedience, but out of Love. Love is what should motivate us, actions come from love. I pray that this process goes as God will's for me, and for anyone that is at the same point in their journey. The last thing i leave you with is that God does not forsake those who truly love and know Him. Taste his glory, run to Him...he is waiting.