Thursday, November 06, 2008

Social Gospel

It seems to me that the current under belly of Christianity is starting to shift to a social gospel. What i mean is that Christians, have started to emphasize the serving of others, sans the gospel message. What say you is the difference between a non-gospel presenting Christian and a blatant Atheist who serves others? Is there a difference? Should we help others just for the betterment of mankind? HElping others should be out of an outpouring of the gospel in our lives. This means that we should not just fill a man's belly, or give them the shirt off my back, but we should share the good news of Christ to theses people. The argument is that, "Christ helped others". I agree, whole heartedly. Christ also told other's about himself and the coming kingdom of God. HE did both. WE should do both. I do not advocate bible beating, i advocate a compassionate love of other's in which the gospel is shown through our words and actions. THere is no difference in helping others if we do not share with them WHY, we are helping them. I feel that the current though amongst young christians is very Socialist and at times Marxist. This caused many young people to vote for a Socialist president, because he wants to help the poor. (so he says) The president elect holds Socialist values and his church's Black Liberation Theology is also very socialist. The point is that our Christian society is starting to shift towards a focus upon values that may be biblical, but not complete. Sound Doctrine, prayer, reading of the scriptures, fellowship, evangelism and serving others are the tenets of the faith that i pledge to lean on. THe 6 foundations if you will. I refuse to sacrifice the gospel for this "social gospel" that is supposedly "just like ancient christianity." (except the part about casting the gospel aside) If they wish to be like Christ, (who came to save sinner's) then they must do BOTH. There is no compromise. You must be actively involved in evangelism and serving others. They go hand in hand. If one was to err, id rather them err on the side of sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is the ultimate act of helping others. WE are commanded to do this, if you cast that aside you might as well cast the whole Bible aside. Love God whole heartedly and you will love others whole heartedly...with service AND the gospel.

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