Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is important on this earth? Life? Living for Christ? Material things? Friends? Obviously some of these are more important than others but what is it all worth when we die. Death is not the end of is the beginning! Dying physically ot this world takes us into new, painless and tearless life in heaven eternally. Maybe there will be tears, but tears of joy in the glory of God and reunions with old friends and family. The point is that dying on this earth is painful to loved ones, but truly it should be a celebration. The temporary absence from the presence of loved ones until our death, pales in comparison to the eternity of joy and life in Christ in heaven. People wonder why good people die. They die for the same reason bad people die, it is a natural fact of life. When Adam and Eve broke covenant with God it allowed death to enter. This death is painful and tearful, but it is not something to fear. SHy fear something that is gonna happen? The joy of the person who loves christ and leaves this earth is far surpassing the joy of being on this earth. We cannot fathom this because we have not experienced heaven, But when we do it will be awesome. I hope that all who love me will not be saddened when i pass, but instead will be inspired to live life and reach others for Christ, the savior i would be enjoying the presence of when i i will do the same when my friends or family pass.

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