Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nostalgia Pt. Deuce

nother old post that was tight...

So i had an interesting thought the other day. I have been having these thoughts of the phrase "sinner saved by grace." I have come to a conclusion. Yes, i am a sinner saved by grace. But as i broke this down i noticed something in which made me believe this was a strong statement. Sinner, i am not, not since God poured out his grace and forgivenss upon me when i asked Him to be inside me by faith. Justified through Faith. Anyway, i have alwasy hear that phrase previously mentioned, and although it is true, i think that it is looked upon in the wrong way often. We are Sinners saved by grace, and thats just it, we have been Saved by Grace. Saved from what? Saved From being a Sinnner! Therefore, we are not sinners, we ARE Saints(Followers of Christ, romans 8:27) The thought of being a sinner saved by grace is a good thought and a true phrase but people, including myself, look at that and think that since we are sinners....saved by grace..then sinning is normal and expected of ourselves.( thanks Louie G.) THIS IS NOT TRUE! We are Saved by Grace from sin. Sin does not define us any longer, we are now no longer bound by sin, so why would i think that sin is such a part of me? Believing lies thats why. Now it has been common for me to sin and think that it is normal and maybe even what im supposed to do cause after all i am a sinner( saved by grace). Well yesterday, when i was listening to Louie Giglio speak on this topic, i am to the conclusion that although the phrase is a true phrase, i dont think i wanna use it anymore....it makes me think that i am just going to sin, its a part of life. Well im here to say that it is NOT apart of my life, or anyones life who entrusts their hearts, minds, and wills to Christ.(Matthew 1:21 says he came to SAVE us from SIN)( i Timothy 1:15-16; came to the world to SAVE SINNERS).....Now to me that means that the ways of the world(sin) is no longer who i am, but rather i am Chosen, as a son of Christ and therefore Free from the old ways of sin and destruction. Why? Cause Christ is in me, and I am in Christ, who set us free. That means sin should not be a commonality in my life, sure i will still sin, but i should not EXPECT TO and write it off as normal cause afterall i am a Sinner Saved by grace....nope, i am a Chosen Son Of God Through Christ, Sin No longer has power over me or binds me.

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