Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts from Isaiah

Thinking about the book of Isaiah, the early chapters has brought some interesting thoughts to my brain, thanks to this quote "It is through wealth power and control of ones destiny that human beings become great" Why do we insist on trying to become gods (great), and not rest in the one true God? Looking across the global scape of humanity, it is apparent to me that most people live their lives trying to better themselves and working upon advancement up some sort of hierarchy. Whether that is becoming the CEO of a corporation, becoming the head coach, political aspirations, or even the head pastor. Most people are motivated by some sort of hidden or otherwise blatantly clear agenda to "fix" something that they think only they can fix, or at least contribute to the fix. They thing that the world will be better if they can ascend to greatness. trying to become a god, in our own little way, prevents us from accessing the one true God. We consistently begin to meticulously build up a barrier between us and God. The more we strive to succeed on our own, the more we lose. Our ascension to become "like God" is nothing new. Adam and Eve initiated this thought in our mind. We desire to be in control, we desire to hold the reigns of our life and all the things around us. This is what keeps us from entering into an intimacy with a God who longs for us to interact with Him. We exalt ourselves and others in place of God by looking to "fix" things. We are not capable of fixing or resolving anything significant and meaningful without the power of God in our life. I desire to remove any exaltation that prevents me from interacting with God.The sledgehammer of God is right there and he will knock down the barriers if we submit to His control in our life and in the world. He wants us to desire Him, not our own exaltation. This is what causes idolatry, forgetting who is important and who is in control by trying to take the reigns our self. This leads to sin and separation from the will of God. Everytime we sin, we are are not acting in the will of God. If we are in tune with God, we can avoid sin and thus stay in his will. Of course we will sin, but when we do we must reach up to the thrown in repentance, for Christ is who we need to run towards, not away from. When we try to become gods, we run away from the one who is in control and thus causing choas. May we run to Christ, not away, and fall into His loving arms in rest and adoration. Joy...

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