Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Reading Crazy Love has steadily changed my heart. The latest thing that has convicted/gripped me is something that i have heard and thought upon, but not thought critically upon. Living our lives for Christ. What does that mean? It means many things, but the one that really truck me was found in Matthew 25 when Christ talked about serving the least of these and that if you do not serve the least of these than you do not serve me. How does this apply and what does it mean to see it in action? Is it going to work with homeless once a year? Fixing some old ladies roof once a year? Is it going to Venezuela for a few weeks and do medical ministry/bible schools? What is it? Those things are good, but it made me think, is it really loving the least of these......enough. What would it look like to love the least of these on a daily basis. Does it mean i save money on meals and give to the poor? Do i drive less to save money? many good questions arise. Basically, can i be a typical American and a live a Christian life such as this. I think not. We must devote all we have to Christ, to live for Christ. Christ gave everything to us, why do we think we can give him anything less than everything? I have a long way to go to live this lifestyle. Whatever i do, i plan on giving more than i can and heloing others as much as i possible can. That is the Christian life. Love others. That starts with loving God with EVERYTHING. I dont know when or how i will ever be capable of living a life such as this, but i will attempt it. Christ calls us to more, we are Holy, which means set apart. What does it mean to be set apart? Does it mean looking like everyone else and living a American lifestyle of consumption and grandeur? No. It isn't wrong to have things, it is wrong to not give things. If you have lots, give lots. If you have little, give lots. Give all that you can. I commit to giving all of me to Him and all of my stuff that i can to others in order that they might see Him who provides for me. Do they see Christ through the pulpit? sometimes...Do they see Christ is selfless love and giving of yourself to others? Always.......

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