Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who am I to choose my own direction? WHo am i to choose what i desire over what God wants? Why do i so often choose my own self-interests, my own will and my own desires over the perfect and awesome plan of God that he has for me. So many times i choose to do my own thing, i choose to do what i want. I want to be what i want to be. What a horrible view of life. I need to be who God desires me to be, i need to choose what God wants, not what i want. Who am i to think that my way is better? God's way is perfect. How many times must one fail to realize this. Life is not about self-pleasure or the pursuit of what we are told is the "good life". The hedonism in our life should be what Piper calls Christian hedonism. We should be so enveloped by and continuously glorifying God that our pleasure is to be found in Him. We are not called to be "do gooders' or "law abiders", we are called to love. We are called to Glorify God and make him known. We should reflect all that is good in God to others. He created us, we must decide if we are to worship him or worship this world. Too often i choose the world. Good thing that we have been forgiven and our debts are paid in full, for if they werent we would all be doomed to perish in hell. God gave us life, he gives us a 2nd life in Him, but he also gives death to those who are not his children. I long to fear God again. No one seems to fear God these days, instead they act as if he is a great grandfather who is all loving and weak...yes, God is loving, but he is also strong and mighty and capable of doing things that should make us tremble on our knees. I want the fear of God back in my life, i want others to know the fear of God as well.

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