Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sola Scriptura

Lately ive been wondering about if im at the right school...In class it seems that when everyone else disagrees with something with a "hmm" or a "nope" i am exceedingly and heartily agreeing with the statements/arguments. Maybe it is good for me to learn perspectives that are not my own. At the same time i struggle with wether or not i am at the right Seminary due to my differences upon theological and at times doctrinal issues. I find it hard to want to be involved with a church that does not hold Scripture as King in regards to theology, doctrine and value of what is said about God in scripture. After further review the idea is that primacy of scripture is overarching the tradition, reason, and experience. Teh problem lies in that most people will never or still dont truly understand this. Sola Scriptura. A Man of One Book like Wesley himself said. I find it hard to not place scripture as the main authority in all theological or doctrinal issues.

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