Thursday, January 22, 2009

As i sit in class, i find it interesting that many people are just now, or fairly recently, understanding the concept of the Trinity. It is sad as i sit and drop eaves upon converstions to hear the thoughts. Many are still clueless and do not believe that you can mention God with the trinitarian language. I on the other hand have no problem with mentioning the "roles" of the trinity singularly. I do not find it necessary to mention God and Christ if i am discussing walking in the spirit. At that point i am talking about the HS! It should be implied that i mean that particular characteristic of God that involves in the HS! I find it important to hold a Tri-une view of God, but i do not find it necessary to discuss each of the aspects of God individually. I am losing faith in the tradition i follow as it is too vague in doctrinal, theological and social issues that can be interpreted various ways. THis causes schism and i do not foresee any type of mending on the horizon. I am sticking to this tradition b/c it need strong, convicting leaders that it lacks as a whole. I vow that i will be who i am called, not in order to change the church, but in order that people may see that conviction and the gospel are vital to church life.

I am also not a fan of "inculsive" langauge. Sure God is not a man, but he has authority and positions as King. I will worship a King. Not an it, not or Queen, nor a Hermaphrodite deity....maybe my reformed views are flowing out currently, but thats fine. I am reformed, and my views will remain that way as i journey in Christ. Calvin and Luther are my heroes, not Wesley. Welsey is great, but i dont agree with all of his theology.

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