Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is the Christian life? Is it about accepting a savior and living a life above reproach? Becoming a christian and living a christian life is about believing in Christ, reading the bible, praying at dinner and when we are in need, and living our lives as obedient servants in following the laws and rules of the bible to the best of our ability. It is alos important that other people know you are holy by serving the poor and needy once a month on saturday mornings at the soup kitchen, cause that way they will see Jesus in you. Also it is important to go to conferences and sing the loudest and raise your hands the highest in order that God will know that you love him. That is what it means to be a least thats what a lot of people think.
Being a christian is about serving God and others in love....real love, not just some exterior based faux love that is fabricated through ourselves. We must love God in spirit and not just have a knowledge of who he its, we must also have a knowledge in our hearts of who Christ is and what he has done for us. Living as Christ is hard, it is not as easy as the above description makes it sound. Living for Christ involves sacrifice and sometimes that sacrifice is hard. The biggest sacrifice is sacrificing ourselves for the gospels sake. What does that mean? It means loving Christ and others, more than ourselves. That sounds so much easier than it is. The first option makes it sound so easy yo not sin and live a godly life, but the second option is reality. Living for Christ is not easy, living for Christ involves denying ourselves constantly, a task that is impossible. That is why we have Christ, as an advocate for our misgivings and ill minded choices. We are sinners, and we will sin no matter how close we are to God. I do not EVER want to live in the fantasy world of a "holiness" christian, i want to know that i am incapable of living for Christ, without Christ. Dependence upon Christ is the ultimate way to live for Christ. We are not capable of doing ANY good, except through Christ. Christ is our answer, Christ is our savior. My sinful, dirty persona is being transformed and sanctified into the person God wants us to be. At salvation we begin this journey when the beauty and glory of God was revealed to us and this beauty was irresistable...once the glory of God has been tasted, it will never be rejected...i thank God for his grace and his glory. I want my life to reflect his glory and all that i do to glorify him, not myself.

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